In the winter period she also gives several workshops, in small groups of 5 persons, which last all day. The theme of those workshops is: “How do I make a bronze sculpture?” The workshops are planned on Saturdays and starts at circa 10am and finish between 16pm and 17pm. During this period you will be taught, using practical examples, how a bronze sculpture is made and finished.

We start by learning how to work with modelling wax, which is very different compared to working with clay. We make a base frame, on which the sculpture can be formed. During the forming process Liesbeth coaches every class member individually. This way, a wax sculpture slowly appears on the table in front of every class member. At the end of the day you decide if you want your sculpture to be cast in bronze or not, depending on the price which is stated. When the workshop is finished you can go home, having gained a new experience (and a new sculpture). It is self evident that during the day you will get catered for with several snacks and drinks.

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In winter, in the evening, she gives pottery classes at her studio. Because of the small groups (maximum of 5-6 persons per session), she is able to give good and personal guidance to each and everyone. You can work according to your own ideas/wishes or according to a given theme / assignment. The choice is yours! You can choose to work on a large project or a small project, the possibilities are endless! This ensures that each course member gets a tailor made work he/she is happy and satisfied with.

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